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Acts 1: The Times and Seasons of God


   6: When they therefore were come together they asked of him saying Lord will you at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel John 18:10 7: And he said to them It is not for you to know the times or the seasons which the Father has put in his own power[1] 

[1] God does not operate in a hap-hazard manner. His times and seasons have been pre-set. Nothing and no one will “usher in” the return of Christ. Neither will any hinder it. Scripture affirms that time has been set from before the foundation of the earth, just as his birth, death, and resurrection was: Ecclesiastes 3:1; Daniel 8:19,12:9; Acts 17:26; 1 Thessalonians 5:1; 1 Peter 1:19-20

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Does 1 John 5:7 Belong in The Bible?


Debunking Erasmus’ inclusion of 1 John 5:7 (also known as the Johannine Comma or Comma Johanneun) in the third edition of the Textus Receptus is considered a trump card in the discrediting of both Erasmus and his text.  

A frequently made allegation, is that the "Comma" should not be included in scripture, because it is not included in ancient manuscripts. The passage in question says, “For there are three that bear record in Heaven, The Father, The Word and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” 

Below, is a statement that shows up in almost any online search concerning 1 John 5:7: “… it is not present in any manuscripts (Greek or otherwise) dating prior to the 16th century, and is not present in the passage as quoted by any of the early Church fathers—even though they would have had plenty of reason to quote it in the Trinitarian debates, had it really existed back then….” (Wikipedia) 

Now, anyone who has researched the subject knows this is simply not true. In this instance, Wikipedia is guilty of presenting false evidence as fact. But because they carry the title of “encyclopedia,” there are those who automatically assume they must be both correct and impartial, when, in fact, they are neither. 

Here is the official policy of the English Wikipedia, which is a reader edited online encyclopedia: “…When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus… All Wikipedia articles and other user-facing content must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly and without bias.” 

Wow, Wikipedia’s neutral point of view consists of nothing less than the popular consensus. Facts are subordinate to consensus—groupthink reigns supreme. 

If, as Wikipedia and other enemies of the Received Text claim, the comma was not present in any manuscript dating prior to the 16th century, how could…:

  • it have been found in a Syriac manuscript dated from around A.D. 170 (2nd century), or in a Latin manuscript from around 200 A.D. (3rd century)? 
  • it have been included in resolutions made at the Council of Carthage in A.D. 415 (5th century)? 
  •  Cassiodorus have quoted it in A.D. 480 (5th century)? 
  •  400 Bishops have quoted and discussed it at length in their defense of the trinity in A.D. 484 (5th century)? 

 Cyprian wrote about it around A.D. 250 (3rd century), “The Lord says, ‘I and the Father are one’ and likewise it is written of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, ‘and these three are one.’” 

The truth is, that 1 John 5:7 has been found in manuscripts and quotes dating from the 2nd century. So, any claims that it cannot be found before the 16th century are patently false. 

When Erasmus was presented with proof that the comma was not only seen in antiquity, but that it had actually been widespread, he was convinced for good reason that it was indeed part of the true Word of God and included it in the third edition of his Textus Receptus. 

The translators of the King James Version were being neither irresponsible nor bowing to Trinitarian pressures when they included 1 John 5:7 in their translation. They were simply acknowledging the facts, and the common consensus of the priesthood of believers, that from the earliest days of the church, the words of the Johannine Comma were indeed the Word of God and were rightly attributed to the apostle John, who consistently defended—in all of his writings—the deity, and the rightful place within the Godhead, of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John 16:28 Commentary


28: I came from beside the Father [1] and am come into the [world] system Again I leave the [world] system and go to the Father

[1] Translators of Bibles and interlinears alike misrepresent John 16:28, undermining Jesus’ pre-incarnation, non-hierarchical, existence within the Godhead by not only not translating a word but not even including that word in their interlinears! 

Fortunately at least one interlinear did so.

When interlinears are compared, we see that scholars of the Blue Letter Bible’s interlinear leave out a critical word from John 16:28. That word is “beside.” The incarnate Son of God did not simply come forth from the Father, he came out from beside the Father. The biblical picture is the members of the Godhead (YHWH) are co-equal with no semblance of hierarchy before THE WORD became flesh. 

Jesus God of the Burning Bush: Eternal Father & Beloved Son (

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John 1:1-14 Commentary


 Does John 1:1-14 Say Jesus is THE ALMIGHTY?

    “In the beginning was THE WORD and THE WORD was with GOD and THE WORD was GOD.

To the Jew and the Christian there is no GOD with a lower-case “g,”. In scripture, both the Old Covenant and the New, all gods with lower-case “g’s” are false gods, idols, and devils. So no scriptural claim can be made that Jesus is God, but not GOD.

John 1:1 speaks of the One True God, THE GODHEAD, and to the identity of one member of THE GODHEAD, and in particular, to that member’s identity before he became a mortal as THE SON.

John 1:1 plainly states that Jesus is YHWH.

The Jew, John, had only one GOD. The Christian, John, had only one GOD. and when he wrote the word “God” in reference to his God, he meant “GOD.” YHWH was John’s only GOD, and he worshipped his Messiah as YHWH in human form. Paul did the same and went on to pen the words “All the fullness of THE GODHEAD dwells in Jesus in physical form. John’s fellow apostle, Thomas the twin, also worshipped Jesus as YHWH. We see that when he called the Risen SON OF GOD, “My LORD and my GOD.

Be it ELOHIM, ADONAY, or YHWH, no good Jew or Christian has more than one LORD or one GOD. And we propose that all of the above titles refer to the composite unity we know as THE GODHEAD. We further propose that each member of THE GODHEAD, possesses full Deity and either individually or collectively can legitimately lay claim to each of the above titles. There are many verses where we see this.

John 1:1 is just as plain in Greek as it is in English. “In the beginning was Ho Logos and Ho Logos was with Ton Theon and Theos was Ho Logos.

This verse is the reason Jesus is known as the “Living WORD.” The literal translation of “THE WORD,” in John1:1, is Ho Logos [Strong’s G3056], meaning: utterance, sayings, thought, cause, motive, doctrine, communication, computation.

One of the most common translations for logos, is “word.” But substitute any of the above meanings of the word logos into John 1:1, and see if that changes anything?

·         “In the beginning was THE UTTERANCE and THE UTTERANCE was with THE GOD and GOD was THE UTTERANCE.

·         “In the beginning was THE CAUSE and THE CAUSE was with THE GOD and GOD was THE CAUSE.

·         “In the beginning was THE COMMUNICATION and THE COMMUNICATION was with THE GOD and GOD was THE COMMUNICATION.

No matter which word is inserted, nothing changes the fact that THE LOGOS is GOD with a capital “GOD.”

The writer of Hebrews states that in these last days, YHWH has spoken to us by his incarnate Son—who is THE LOGOS who became a mortal. A few verses down, John tells us that, “THE LOGOS became human and lived among us.”

Colossians 2:9, tells us that all the fullness of THE GODHEAD dwells in Jesus in physical form. Jesus is YHWH. Some refer to the lack of the definite article ho (“the” G3588) before Theos, in John 1:1, as excuse to claim Jesus is not YHWH. but lack of the definite article is of no consequence. The Almighty (YHWH=THE GODHEAD) is referred to as GOD (THEOS/THEON and a few other forms of the word) throughout the New Testament, both with and without the definite article.

The meaning of John 1:1 is already clear but, if possible, becomes even more so as the passage continues. Verse two reads, “The same was in the beginning with GOD.”

The father of the incarnate WORDTHE SON—is YHWH=THE GODHEAD, not just one member of THE GODHEAD.

Can mortals wrap finite understanding around such a feat?

John continues in verse three: “All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made Colossians 1:16”. If verses one and two are not enough, John 1:3 alone refutes any idea that THE pre-incarnate WORD was a created being. If everything was created by Jesus, and nothing was created without him, he cannot himself be a creation.

In him was life and the life was the light of all.” Verse four addresses the intrinsic qualities of light and life, that tell us who THE WORD was, the same WORD who is THE CREATOR, who later became the mortal SON of GOD.

THE WORD was not given life and light. He did not simply possess light and life. He intrinsically is LIFE and LIGHT. Jesus said as much to Martha, when he asked her if she believed her brother would live again. She answered that she knew Lazarus would live again in the resurrection. When Martha said that, Jesus told her that Lazarus had no need to wait until the general resurrection, because THE RESURRECTION HIMSELF, THE LIFE HIMSELF, was at that moment, standing in her presence John 11:23-25.

THE RESURRECTION and THE LIFE are not a what but rather a who. And Jesus told Martha that he was the who. He declared “I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. Where have we heard the I AM speak before?

John 1:5-14: And the light shone in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not There was a man sent from GOD whose name was John He came for a witness to bear witness of THE LIGHT that through him [THE LIGHT] all might believe He [John] was not that LIGHT but was sent to bear witness of that LIGHT [Who] was the TRUE LIGHT who lights every one that comes into the world kosmos He was in the kosmos and the kosmos was made by him and the kosmos knew him not He came to his own The Jews and his own received him not But as many as received him to them he gave authority [to become] children of GOD even to them that believe on his name Who were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of mortals but from GOD And THE LOGOS was made flesh and lived among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten[1] of the Father [=Godhead] full of grace and truth

[1] All believers are [adopted] children of GOD, so our Creator has many “sons.” But there is just one “begotten” son (that would be one physically born to him -Vs- adopted), and that is Jesus Hebrews 1:5.

The commentary in this post, is a preview of a new chapter in the upcoming new edition of, "Jesus: God of the Burning Bush, Eternal Father & Beloved Son."

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Zechariah 5:1-11


 One of the most interesting passages relating to The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Man of Sin, and to Babylon is found in Zechariah chapter five. This passage is highly symbolic, but taking the trouble to unlock the symbolism is well worth the effort.

   In the first two verses, Zechariah looks up and sees a **flying scroll.  **Point of Interest: In December of 2006, an Israeli airline, Israir Airlines, became the first airline to maintain an authentic Torah Scroll (First five books of the Bible/the Law of Moses) onboard for its passengers to read. This scroll is officially known as “Sky Torah” and has been dubbed “The Flying Scroll.”[1]

 Zechariah is told by an angel, that the Flying Scroll represents a worldwide curse (a judgment). In what way could the Sky Torah contain a judgment? The Torah contains prophecies of a blessing…the true Messiah. But what if Messiah is rejected?

Read the following:

·         Luke 16:28-31

·         Luke 24:27

·         Hebrews 10:7

·         Galatians 3:23-24

  The coming judgment (curse) is coming only because the true Messiah, who has been fully revealed in the Torah, was rejected by his people Israel and also by the world at large –Psalm 2:8-12, John 5:45-47, Galatians 3:24, Hebrews 10:1, Malachi 4:5-6. 

   The scriptures speak of only three worldwide judgments: 1.) The first was the flood in Genesis, which wiped out all but eight people world-wide. 2.) The second will be The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, which this writer believes to be future as this is being written and is synonymous with what is commonly known as The Great Tribulation. This terrible time, also known as “A time of Trouble,” will destroy approximately 75% to 80% of the world population within the short span of just seven years. 3.) The third world-wide judgment will be the fiery purge that will take place at the end of the first 1000 years of Christ’s reign on earth –Zechariah 5:1-3 [1-5], Genesis 6:11-13 & 7:19, Matthew 24:21-22, Isaiah 24:1,3-6, Revelation 20:9.

   The curse in Zechariah chapter five can refer to the second world-wide judgment—The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. We know this for three reasons: 1.) The first world-wide judgment (the Genesis flood) has already taken place 2.) The third world-wide judgement, the fiery purge, will not take place until the end of the first 1000 years of Christ’s Kingdom.

   So that leaves only the second—The time of Jacob’s Trouble—which is placed in the end times during the seven years immediately preceding the visible and physical return of Messiah as conquering King.

   In this passage, the prophet saw how the Man of Sin will come to power and where his base of operations will be located.

   The angel tells Zechariah to look and see what is going forth. In Zechariah 5:2-3, the angel calls the prophet’s attention to a strange sight. Zechariah was told to look and see what was going forth.

   Something was happening.

  Winds of change were blowing.

   Something was moving forward.

   And the thing he was told to look at was an ephah (a basket).

   By process of elimination, we already know that the worldwide curse in Zechariah’s vision corresponds to THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE –Zechariah 5:6, Matthew 24:1-8, 21.

   Jesus said THE TIME OF TROUBLE would be so horrendous that this world has never seen anything like it before, nor ever would again. Considering the horrors this world has already experienced (i.e., Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and, of more recent times, the atrocities inflicted upon those conquered and occupied by the Islamic State [ISIS])—Jesus’ prediction of worse times coming is veritably unimaginable, but up to 75-80% of the world’s population will die in short order during this fearsome time. All through the Bible we read to have faith and fear not, but concerning the coming devastation, the prophet Joel says to be, “very afraid.”

   Zechariah saw a flying scroll and was told it was a world-wide judgement going forth.

   By the time Jesus returns [physically], the Jewish population will be so reduced, that Isaiah predicted even a child could count them. No wonder God said to tremble at the very thought of it—to be very afraid –Isaiah 10:17-21, Joel 2.

   Look, see, pay close attention, to what is happening—right now.

   We believe Zechariah’s prophecy is for the very near future and gives important details as to how the Man of Sin will come to power and from where he will be operating afterwards.

   What possible significance could an ephah have, not just any measuring basket—but specifically an ephah, concerning a judgment that will impact the entire earth?

   Notice the order of events in Zechariah’s vision:

1.      First, we see a flying scroll [Sky Torah], a judgment moving forward

2.      Then, we see an ephah moving forward –Zechariah 5:1-3, 5-6

   An ephah was the largest basket of measure in use among the Jewish people of Zechariah’s time. It was commonly used as a symbol of commerce much like a “basket” of currency was used in connection with the **Euro.


**ECU (European Currency Unit): A composite monetary unit consisting of a basket  of European Community currencies that served as the predecessor to the Euro. An interesting choice of words—coincidence?


** Euro: The name for the composite monetary unit that has replaced national currencies in several European countries. The Euro was introduced on January 1, 1999 and went into general circulation on January 1, 2002 (described as: The specific amounts of euro in the valuation basket…).


   The basket (ephah) Zechariah saw moving forward symbolized currency and commerce—both in his day and again in the 20th and 21st centuries.

   The angel elaborated further and said the basket was disguising (hiding) something.

   The resemblance (the outward appearance of it) looked good. It appeared that commerce was getting a well-needed boost and was moving forward. But the angel said the outward appearance of commercial prosperity was being used to deceive the whole earth.

   It is helpful, at this point, to have a Bible whose Old Testament is based on the Ben Chayyim Masoretic Text (the Hebrew text that underlies the King James Bible). Ben Chayyim being both a Masorite Jew and a born-again Christian, was uniquely and doubly qualified to handle the Hebrew scriptures.  

   Unfortunately, many translations are based on texts that obscure what God is revealing in this passage, especially in verse six, where Zechariah is warned that the resemblance (the appearance) of this commercial boost will deceive the masses.

   The ephah in Zechariah’s vision has a lid made of lead. This lid effectively hides the contents of the basket. So, we understand from this verse, that what can be seen is deceptive. But God gives those who are alert, insight into what is really going on.

   What will be hidden in this basket that is disguised as a commercial boost or even boon?

   The scriptures say a woman will be hidden in the ephah. The angel introduced the woman by saying, “This is Wickedness.” A literal rendering of the angel’s words is, “her name means Wickedness” –Zechariah 5:7-8.

   The Bible says that all humanity is inherently wicked, both men and women, so we know that womankind in general is not being used to represent wickedness in this passage, but rather, it is a particular woman’s name that represents wickedness. Could it be the woman depicted in Revelation 17? – Revelation 17: Whole Chapter, Jeremiah 17:9, Romans 3:10.

   The basket itself, the ephah, represents a commercial boost. We know that commercial prosperity will indeed be a reality in the Kingdom of the one known by many names, including The Anti-Christ. We read in the Revelation that a day’s wages will buy a loaf of bread but the oil and the wine will not touched. Food will become scarce and unaffordable for the masses, while at the same time, the rich will continue to get richer and, for them, luxuries will still abound.

   Zechariah watched as the lid was lifted and the woman stood up (or was lifted up by the angel). She was briefly exposed, then the angel cast her back into the container, replaced the lid, and allowed her to remain hidden as she was whisked off to her destination –Zechariah 5:8.


   Zechariah looked again and saw two **women with wings. They had wings like a stork, and he saw that the wind was in their wings. The women with wings picked up the basket containing the Woman Whose Name Means Wickedness–Zechariah 5:9.

   The women with wings are spiritual beings, but they are not holy angels. They have wings like a stork, which according to scripture, is an unclean bird. Thus, they are identified as unclean spiritual beings. The wind is in their wings, which means they fly very fast. When they pick up the basket, containing the Woman Whose Name Means Wickedness, they will get it to its final destination with amazing speed.


   Do not be confused by the image of the woman [Whose Name Means Wickedness] and dismiss Zechariah’s vision as not having to do with the Man of Sin. His vision has everything to do with the Man of Sin.

   The Man of Sin will use the Woman Whose Name Means Wickedness, he will use the false spirituality represented by the women with wings, and he will also use commercial prosperity (or at least the illusion of it) in his rise to power. But everything he does is for his own benefit. He will use people and ideologies as long as they benefit him, and then he will dispose of them. All of the power will ultimately go to himself alone –Daniel 8:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9, Revelation 13, Revelation 17:15-17.

   Zechariah was told precisely where the unclean spiritual beings would take the woman. They will carry the Woman Whose Name Means Wickedness to the Land of Shinar, and the purpose of transporting the Woman to Shinar, will be to build a house for her there. It will become its “own base”—its own place or base of operations –Zechariah 5:11.

   Zechariah 5:11 identifies the Land of Shinar, ruling out the possibility that the vision refers to some vague, metaphoric, spiritual, location. This wickedness is heading for a specific, physical, geographical location.

   The Land of Shinar was the physical locale of ancient Babylonia, which was located in the Middle East. The name, Shinar, was also used to describe the physical location of the ancient city of Babylon.

   The city of Babylon will either be rebuilt, or an existing city will be renamed. But it is certain that the location will be in the Middle East somewhere within the boundaries of what was ancient Babylonia. At one point, the Babylonian empire was huge, encompassing the entire Middle East. During THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE, Babylon the Great will become the personal capital of the Man of Sin. And, during his short reign, will also become the capital city of the world. The site of the ancient city of Babylon is still located in modern-day Iraq, but the city has a shared history with Iran (ancient Persia) –Revelation 18:9-11. 

   Zechariah’s vision, which aligns perfectly with 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9,  predicts a time when most of the world population will be living under a great delusion, and the entire world will experience the judgment of an Almighty God.

   The Antichrist will be assisted in his meteoric rise to power by a false spirituality and a real or promised boost to the world economy. These will effectively, for most, disguise a desperately wicked agenda.

   This will all happen in a very swift manner, and his base of operations will be set up in a city, that will be located in the Middle East, in Land of Shinar (which is located somewhere in what was once ancient Babylonia). The capital city will be called Babylon and will be known as Babylon the Great –Revelation 13:3-4,14, 18:10-13,15-19, 20:10.

 Additional Commentary on the end-times world of Zechariah chapter five:

      The angel told Zechariah to lift up his eyes, and look, and see what is going forth. That is good advice for us today. When Jesus came the first time, those who were alert and knew the scriptures understood they were living in the time of his coming and were actively watching for his arrival –Zechariah 5:5, Luke 2:25-26.

   It is important to note, that it is always God who is in control of the times and the seasons—even the horrendous season of THE GREAT TRIBULATION –Acts 1:7, Daniel 2:21.

   God knows, that those who are alert and love the truth will not be motivated to deviate from the simplicity found in Jesus Christ. But those who love not the truth, who rebel against the simplicity of Christ, who are greedy for personal power and gain, and who seek after spiritual experiences, signs, and wonders, these will be deceived.


** The only women with wings, found in the entire Bible, are seen in Zechariah’s vision. Women with wings are not holy angels. Images of women with wings do not represent holy angels. Although wings are seen in scripture on certain classes of angelic beings such as seraphim and cherubim [and as a symbol of God’s protective covering in Psalm 91:4], wings are also depicted as an abominable covering in Daniel 9:27. The women with wings in Zechariah chapter five, have the wings of an unclean bird. This means they are unclean spiritual beings, representing an unclean and false spirituality –Psalm 91:4, Revelation 12:14, Zechariah 5:9, Isaiah 30:1.

   This writer believes the woman hidden in the basket, carried by the women with wings to the Land of Shinar, may relate to the false religion represented the Whore of Babylon, as described in Revelation chapter seventeen.

   The false religion as represented by the Whore of Babylon, is filthy rich, causes worldwide spiritual adultery, and has shed so much blood, the Bible says she is drunk with it. The religion of Babylon has been around since before the Tower of Babel, and still exists today within the traditions and practices of Roman Catholicism. Islam also finds its roots in the spirituality of ancient Babylon. In the book of Judges, descendants of Esau are portrayed with the religious symbolism of their crescents (the same crescent moon used today by Islam, and seen all over the Middle East) –Revelation 17:1-2,4,6,15, 18:1.


   Satan can appear as an angel of light and his ministers as ministers of righteousness. His traps are often baited with a seductive veneer of spirituality and/or financial prosperity. There is a way that seems right unto humanity but in the end is the way of death. Many who will lose their souls in a last day defection from biblical faith, and will do so believing they are truly following Christ –Matthew 7:22-23, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11, 1 Timothy 6:9, 2 Timothy 4:3.

   Jesus said the signs of the times could be observed and understood, and he had harsh words for those who ignored the obvious simply because the truth did not suit them.

   There is a massive falling away predicted to occur among professing Christians just prior to the Resurrection from the Dead and the Snatching (Harpazo) of those who are living “IN CHRIST.” Paul spoke of this, when he wrote that the time would come when professing Believers would not endure sound doctrine. The context of his letters place this time in the latter days. The Bible says professing Christians will defect from the true faith, and God will turn them over to believe THE LIE that will ultimately cost them their souls –1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Timothy 4:2-3, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8, 2 Corinthians 11:3-4.

   The Bible says God will allow a great delusion to overcome all who love not the truth. This is a reference to the end-time defection from the true faith –Luke 12:54-56, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 10-11.

   It is a dangerous thing to reject the truth contained within the pages of God’s Written Word—the Bible. Any “truth” that does not line up with what has already been written is no truth at all, but rather a lie. And the Bible warns those who love the lie, that they will be given over to believe it. And this will cost them their souls –Isaiah 8:20, 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

   Only believers can fall away from the faith. The scriptures say, if a believer falls away, renewal into repentance becomes an impossibility –Hebrews 6:4-6, 10:26-29, 12:15-17, Genesis 25:30-34, 27:34-38. 

   Some claim the falling of 2 Thessalonians 2:3, took place during the second or third centuries. It is said that “truth” was lost to the church shortly after the apostles died, but scripture does not back those claims. Such skewed interpretations of 2 Thessalonians 2:3, contradict Psalm 100:5, which assures seekers that not one single generation will ever be lost because they have been deprived of God’s TRUTH.

   Translations that use the Ben Chayyim Masoretic Hebrew text read: “His Truth endures to every generation.” The Ben Chayyim Masoretic text was essentially the de-facto Hebrew Bible for several hundred years before losing favor to the Ben Asher Masoretic text in modern scholarship. It is considered the “Received Text” of the Old Testament. The Ben Chayyim text underlies the Old Testament portion of the King James Translation and differs in places from the Westminster Leningrad Codex. Many English Bibles obliterate this precious promise by replacing the word truth with love or faithfulness. Though it is true that God’s love and faithfulness does endure to every generation, translations that replace the word truth with love [in Psalm 100:5] steal HOPE from people, by causing them to question whether or not we still have God’s Word today.

   We do still have God’s Word today.

   Jesus said God’s Word is truth. We have his promise that he preserves and honors his Word, even above his name and makes it available to every generation –Psalm 100:5, Psalm 138:2, John 17:17.

   The falling away predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, 7-8,10-12 refers to an end-time defection which will take place just before the Man of Sin makes his sudden entrance onto the world stage and is accepted by most everyone as a Messiah. 2 Thessalonians says the Resurrection and Harpazo/Rapture must take place before the identity of the Antichrist can be revealed, so attempting to guess at who he might be is a fruitless exercise –2 Thessalonians 2:7-9.

   The end-time apostasy will not come about as a result of truth being lost. It will not be due to misunderstanding, but rather rebellion against known truth. This defection will be so overtly rebellious and contrary to the Written Word of God, that the Lord will give the defectors over to believe the lie they have loved so much. Being given over to believe the lie, means they lose all chance of ever receiving a love of the truth and obtaining eternal life, because they have heard the truth and eternally rejected it.

   This means they will fall for the devil’s lie and will take the Mark of the Beast…and that is a “forever” decision.

   This is not the time to blindly follow teachers without reading and studying the Word of God for ourselves. There is never a time when Christians should place trust in extra-scriptural messages just because they claim to be validated by experiences, signs, or wonders. Below are quotes from the types of teachers that should be avoided:


1.      God is a lot bigger than doctrine (We are commanded to learn good doctrine)

2.      God is bigger than his book! (His book is his Word, and he honors his Word above all his name)

3.      The Church is so hung up on Bible study, they don’t know Jesus! (Jesus constantly quoted scripture…Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path)

4.      It doesn’t matter that Hindus, Buddhists, and New Agers use this kind of prayer and meditation in their religion. If our goal is to glorify God, we can adopt their methods. It is the motive—not the method—that matters. (Woe to those who are replenished from the east…)

5.      The Bible has become an idol! (utterly speechless)


   The above statements defy scripture. The first two fly in the face of every verse that commands and encourages the study of the Bible and the intentional, diligent, acquisition of sound, biblically-based teaching.

   How do we resolve the above quote [number four] with the command not to imitate unbelievers and to learn none of their ways –Jeremiah 10:2?

  Jesus is the Word –John 1:1

  God is the Word –John 1:1

  Christians are commanded to learn sound doctrine which is derived from Holy-Spirit-led-Bible-study. Believers are admonished to pay close attention to sound Bible teaching –2 Timothy 4:2.

   The Apostle predicted the day would come when the majority of professing Christians would no longer tolerate the teaching of God’s Word. 

   That day is fast approaching.

   In Matthew chapter seven, Jesus warned against following prophets and teachers who will one day stand before him woefully crying out, “Lord, Lord! Didn’t we do many miraculous works in your name?” Jesus will inform them that they are workers of iniquity, and that he never knew them. He will then banish them from his presence forever –Matthew 7:22-23.

   Do not allow spiritual experiences, miracles, signs, or wonders to be a basis for deciding whether someone (or something) is or is not from God. Jesus said there was no greater prophet than John who came baptizing, yet John never performed a miracle –Jeremiah 10:2, Matthew 11:11, John 10:41.

   Do not misunderstand. This writer fully embraces the supernatural nature of God and manifestations of the miraculous acts he performs for and through his children. But this must be balanced against biblical warnings that those who will be given over to believe the last days lie, will be deceived by means of miracles and lying wonders –2 Thessalonians 2:9, Revelation 16:13-14.

   These would include the experiences described by those involved in various forms of the occult and who practice eastern, New Age, forms of meditation, such as mantra meditation which includes but is not limited to vain repetitions of the names of Christ and words or phrases from the Bible.

   Jesus included mantra meditation practices in the memorized rote prayers he warned against, calling them “vain repetitions” –Matthew 6:7.

   During THE GREAT TRIBULATION, spirits of devils working miracles will be prevalent, and by means of miracles the people of earth will be deceived –2 Thessalonians 2:9, Revelation 13:14, 16:14.

   Why was Zechariah given a vision of the world-wide judgement and the methods the Man of Sin will use in his rise to power, and where his capital city will located? 


We believe it was a warning to those who will be living during that time, to those who would not be given over to believe the lie, to those who will refuse to take the mark of the beast. For the average person, that will be a difficult, near impossible, thing to do.

   If you are reading this and the Man of Sin has not been revealed yet (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8), you never have to know who he is. Jesus said you must be born again. Call on God to save you through faith in his risen son. The Bible says if we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is the Risen Son of God, we will be saved.


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Do you STUDY your Bible without doing THIS?

 If you were given an instruction book, would you begin studying only certain parts of it before you read the whole thing to know what all the instructions were, and how the instructions in different parts of the book might interact with one another?

Of course not! 

But that is exactly the approach many people take with the greatest instruction book of all time...the Bible. 

It is natural for new Christians to begin studying their Bibles through the lens of someone's teaching, but why not immediately open the book and begin reading the whole thing for ourselves? That way, we can judge anyone's teaching by the whole Bible--not just the parts someone might want us to focus on, or worse...use those parts as a myopic lens or filter by which to judge everything else we read in the Bible. 

The scriptures command us to judge all things by the Word of God...and that includes the teachings of our favorite pastors or teachers.

God gave his people gifts in the form of shepherds and teachers, and we should learn from the good ones. But good stewardship of our faith requires having a personal understanding of the Bible for ourselves, and not just parroting what we have been taught by someone else. There is only one way to know whether our favorite teacher is teaching truth or not, and that is to have a working knowing of the Word of God for ourselves. 

Deception happens by having only partial understanding of something. And only by reading the entire Bible, can we gain perspective from the whole, instead of having only piecemeal understanding of it.

By reading only two to four chapters a day, the entire Bible can be read through every year (with the possibility of reading the New Testament through twice!). When we begin adding Bible study to our daily reading, it is recommended to continue reading every day, always picking up today where we left off yesterday. That way, we  never miss a  thing.

Jesus said, "Humanity shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." God's word is our necessary food. It gives us guidance and comfort. Knowing and being obedient to God's Word (as we continually grow in our understanding of it) is a vital ingredient in our faith in, and relationship with, our Creator. Reading and gaining understanding of the Word of God is a lifetime endeavor, and not a one-time thing.

The scriptures themselves admonish us to rightly discern the Word of God. And we can only do that by knowing what is in having a working knowledge of what is in it. And we can only gain a working knowledge of the Bible, by reading it, all of it...over and over...every day for the rest of our lives.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Is the Hebrew Letter "Yōd" a Fake Letter?

 A student of ancient languages recently stated that the Hebrew "Yōd" [י] is a "fake letter." 

He learned this in his Christian college. 

This is shocking in light of the fact that the yod is used as a letter in all ancient languages in which it is seen, and it is pronounced.



The yod is used in the name of the Jewish and Christian God, YHWH, [יחוח]

The Hebrews and Phoenicians used the same letter [Yōd] in the same way, and it is the Yōd that gave rise to the Greek letter Iota [ι]. 

Jesus spoke of the Yōd when he said not one iota [yod, the smallest letter of the alephbet] ... of the Law would pass from the Law until all be fulfilled.

Yodh (also spelled yud, yod, jod, or jodh) is the tenth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Yōd Phoenician yodh.svg, Hebrew Yōd י, Aramaic Yodh Yod.svg, Syriac Yōḏ ܝ, Persian Ye ی‎, and Arabic Yāʾ ي.

The Yōd is not a fake letter.