Monday, July 21, 2014

Genesis 1:1 Jesus is Yahweh Elohiym

    1: In the beginning God[1] created the heaven[2] and the earth.

[1] ELOHIYM: All references to “God” in Genesis chapter one are Strong’s Hebrew reference 430, “Elohiym”).  The word refers to more than two (Martin/Ankerberg 1985). There is a word in Hebrew that refers to more than one but not more than two, but Elohiym is not that word. The word “Elohiym, is a reference to the Triune Godhead. Genesis 1:1 specifically tells us that it is the Triune God--the Godhead---who created all things (Isaiah 44:24, 45:18, John 1:3,10). This is first Biblical evidence that Jesus is Jehovah, not simply a subordinate that God “used” to create all things. According to Philippians 2:10-11, which is a New Testament quote of Jehovah who is speaking in Isaiah 45:23, Jesus is the LORD GOD—Yahweh Elohiym—of Genesis1-3. The fullness (entirety) of the Godhead resides in Jesus in physical form (Colossians 2:9). We serve a Triune God who is one. The Holy of Holies literally means the Holy place of the Holy Ones—i.e., the Godhead (Cooke). Do we understand how God can be three yet be one? No, we do not. It is as impossible for man to analyze and pry apart the Godhead as it would be to attempt to separate the soul and spirit; only God has sufficient understanding and power to accomplish such a thing in His triune personage and yet remain one. It is sin to theologically transform the Triune Godhead into a hierarchal, idolatrous, triad.

[2] Strong’s Hebrew reference 8064 Heaven is, “SHAMAYIM.” The word is used exclusively for all references to heaven from Genesis through Psalm 78:8. In these passages, only the context can determine which “heaven” the verse is referring to, whether the sky, beyond the sky (space), or the third Heaven Paul was caught up to.